Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Two Posts in One Day?! I must be bored!

Tuesdays are my favorite and least favorite day all in one.

Reason being: I get to spend the earlier half of the day with my hubby. Usually includes sleeping in, going to lunch and lounging around the house. It's awesome. Then 2:30 rolls around and he has to leave and I am stuck at home left doing whatever I want until I have to go to school at 7:00 and come home at 9:00 and then wait some more for him to come home.

So like my title says I am bored, but I shouldn't be. I have a whole list of things I need to do.

See here they are: As of right now we can cross off CARDS and I am pretty sure we can cross off HOTEL. I assigned that one to the hubby, and I am pretty sure we made a decision.

But as for everything else.... that's another story.

So basically I haven't been doing anything remotely productive. I did send out an email, and put something in the mail. But I've sorta just been catching up on Grey's Anatomy.

Oh and eating these:

These things are too expensive, but they are so good. I couldn't pass the Hickory Farms stand up. The whole bag is almost gone. I really need to be eating something more substantial because I have school in about 45 minutes and I wont be home til late soooo...

Thanks for listening to my ramblings today.

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