Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day 8: Short Term Goals & When You'll Accomplish Them

I like to make goals a lot. I am a list sort of person, I like to write everything down so that when I finish I can cross it off and it makes me feel like I'm actually getting stuff done. So sometimes I even write down silly stuff, like take a shower, or make bed.

I actually made a list of 20 things to do in my 20th year when I turned 20, but since a lot of those are long term goals I will share some of the shorter term ones.

1. Get straight A's. I actually think that I am well on my way this semester. I am doing well in all of my classes and actually have turned in ALL my homework. I was like this in high school, but somehow when I started college I didn't care so much. I care a lot more now that Anthony and I are actually paying for all of college, no grants, no loans, just our hard earned money. If I don't accomplish it by this semester then I will try for next semester.

2. Save for Christmas and stay within budget. I am not very good at saving money, I never have been. I never spend money I don't have though, like credit cards. I just never save any of it. So Anthony and I are for sure not going to put anything on our credit card for Christmas and we are saving now so that its not a big chunk at once. In fact I've already gotten a few gifts for him.

So there are my short term goals. I'll let you know if I accomplish them.

See Ya Tomorrow!

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