Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Day 20: Who do I picture myself marrying?

Well it's a little late for this post so instead I will just share our story.

I met Anthony when I was 14 years old. That's six years ago in case you're wondering. He used to work at Albertson's where a couple of my good friends worked there as well. They started hanging out with him and I tagged a long a couple of times. We all started becoming really good friends and hanging out a lot. Then he got a girlfriend and stopped hanging out with all of us. It didn't last very long though and he started hanging out with all of us again. I want to express here at this present time to all of who might be reading this whether you are friends or family: Anthony and I were only friends for a really long time and thats all I thought of him. I didn't even consider dating him because I knew one of my other friends had been interested in him before and I didn't want to complicate anything...
But then we went snowboarding with a bunch of us. This other friend included. It was really awkward. I think that my friend was upset at how close Anthony and I were getting and automatically assumed that we liked eachother or whatever so she stopped hanging out with us as much. Time went on and I started seeing Anthony as more of a friend and that complicated my friendship a lot with my other friend. I certainly didn't see myself actually only dating Anthony because I was only fifteen, but I didn't feel like it was fair for this other friend to be mad at me for liking him when she had obviously moved on...at least that is what she was trying to display.
So basically all this means that Anthony and I had a pretty complicated start, but it gets better. Anthony and I started hanging out more and more and realizing how well we actually work together. I knew he was going on a mission and I tried really hard not to get myself attached. We had talked about what would happen while he was gone and what would happen when he got back and decided not to make any promises because afterall I was still young and had not really experienced too much in the dating world.
So off he went and dang it was hard. I missed him a lot, he had become my best friend over those last few months. I did date, not a lot though. I spent the first year he was gone dating there were a few potentials but really nothing I would have considered past the second date. I pretty much realized I was just comparing everyone to Anthony. The boys I was dating were all my age and Anthony was three years older. It was a lot different, Anthony was more mature and the boys my age were a lot more physical than emotional or mental. Anyways so I kinda just stopped dating. I wrote Anthony every week and he knew I was dating but we didn't talk about it.
So then he got home in March of 2009. I was freaking nervous. My best friend Shayla and I went to go pick him up and we drove around his block twice before finally stopping. He got in the car and he sorta just stared at us. I even pinched him because I couldn't believe he was actually home. It was a little awkward but we all got over it. It was just like old times making jokes and laughing.
Then it was just Anthony and I, and thats when it really got awkward. But we started off slow, we didn't rush into anything. We both wanted to make sure that we liked the person for who they were now and not what they were a few years ago. About two months went on before it actually sank in and we started officially dating. Then four months later we were engaged and eight months later we were married.

I definitely got married a lot younger than I ever thought I would (age 19) but I married someone  I knew everything about and he knew everything about me. Our first months of marriage weren't really that surprising because there wasn't anything I didn't already know about Anthony. I am proud to say that Anthony is my first and only kiss. Who can say that? Not many.

I don't think I would have ever guessed that I would marry him. He wasn't what I considered to be my "type"  but we are so good for each other. We are opposites in many ways but a like in others. Its sort of a mix that makes it all work together.

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