Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Our First [Married] Christmas

We had an awesome Christmas and we hope you did too. Last year we were engaged and Anthony came over early to my parents to be there to open presents so this Christmas wasn't too much different than last time. We woke up at 8 and opened presents and it was done and over in about 20 minutes with only the two of us to open presents. I always had a hard time sleeping when I was a kid the night before Christmas, and still have trouble to this day. Now though the excitment is more about Anthony and my family's reaction to the gifts I give them than about the gifts I get.

Here is us on Christmas:

Anthony with his favorite present

Me with mine

We decided to spend a little money on each other this year. Last year we were on a tight budget with the wedding and Anthony starting a new job. Since this may be the only Christmas we will ever be able to spoil each other we decided to take advantage of that. Anthony sure did spoil me. I was really suprised because I didn't think I would be getting the Kindle. Everything aside from the boots was picked out by Anthony.

I am hoping that this Christmas is the last Christmas I will spend in retail. This is my fourth year and I just don't know if I can do it again. It was really stressful especially with finals being around the same time. I didn't finish decorating. I didn't finish my wreath. In fact I still have the fall one on my door. It doesn't really matter though because the decorations aren't what Christmas is about anyways.

Now I just have to prepare for next semester!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Somethings You Should Know About Me:

You may want to know these things before you become my [best]friend:

I love candy.
I could basically just eat candy all day and be fine.
I love me some sour candy especially. 

I am weird.
Really I am totally weird.
One time the person pictured below and I walked around Macey's pretending to speak Chinese to eachother and then we sat in the car for a half an hour afterwords doing the same thing whilst eating a whole box of german chocolate little debbies and about half a bag of frooties. (She also loves candy)

I am a picky eater.
So if I don't eat your food please don't take it personally.
I remember having to sit at the table and having to eat all my peas before I could get down. I would sit there FOREVER, until I realized I could swallow peas whole with a glass of milk and never have to taste the darn things.

I am kind of messy.
Not totally discusting messy where you would be uncomfortable in my home.
I have the mindset to make the mess and then clean it up later instead of while I go.
There is also glitter, modge podge, hot glue, etc. everywhere during whatever project I am doing.
This is when I was organizing my craftroom.

I like Harry Potter.
And I know a lot of stuff about it.
(Us at the premier of Harry Potter & The Dealth Hollows)

I love Anthony.
Our time together is very precious so I probably will pick spending time with him over you.
(Is that a little harsh?)

I say what I am thinking.
When I am upset I will tell you.
And then I will walk away and take a chill pill and be better again.

I am definitely stubborn.
I like to be right.
And I like it to be perfect.

I am a needy friend.
Since Anthony and I don't get a lot of time together I rely heavily on my friends.
I am a good friend
and if you aren't a good friend it will hurt my feelings really bad.
Because I'm sensitive.

Monday, December 20, 2010

It's Finally Starting to Look Like Christmas

I have been super busy with work and finals so I haven't had much time to devote to Christmas decorating. Which is really sad for me and happy for Anthony. Although I am working all this week (including Christmas Eve. Tear) I am making time to clean the house up for a fun Christmas Eve-Day with the hubby and family. This is what I have done so far. Which isn't a lot.

The banner I made myself my sewing paper penants together...
Framed Christmas paper totally cheap way to add something...
Put the rest of our Christmas ornaments in a glass vase...
Sequin tree from Tai Pan and wishing I bought more...
The EDENFIELD picture. Bright and colorful. Had other plans to fill the space, but it probably wont get done the way things are looking.

And now you're wondering where the heck a picture of the tree is? Oh and what about those stockings? Well I took a picture and realized that no amount of editing will make that look good. So that will be next time. My wreath...haha. Maybe I'll get it done in time to use it. Maybe not.

Anyways have you heard of the offer from CanvasPeople? Well they are giving one free 8x10" canvas! Heck ya! I am all over that. It was only $9.99 to upgrade to a 11x14" but with a $17.95 price tag I just couldn't bring myself to do it.

It took me forever to choose what picture I wanted. Because they are canvases and are wrapped around the edges you loose some of your picture so it took me FOREVER to find one that didn't cut a lot out and one that I liked. I finally picked one. Really if there is someone behind the screen or at CanvasPeople having to deal with me I am so so sorry. I am even doubting my selection now... Gah. I hate this. Seriously I am still choosing my photo right now. I settled on one thinking it was a for sure thing and it wasn't.

So just a few tips if you are ordering a small canvas:
Pick one where everything you want in the picture is right in the center. The end.

You can go HERE to get your free canvas.

I ordered an 8x10 and with shipping had to pay 14.95.

That still seems like a lot, but canvases are expensive. I think for an 8x10 it would have been $49.99!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

My Christmas List:

Holy Cow! I finally finished all my final projects for the semester and only have a final to take tomorrow. I am so happy to be done. The house is really needing some love and I haven't finished decorating. My wreath not done, and not sure if it will be. Anyways I thought I would just show some of the things I want for Christmas. Yes, Anthony knows about all of these, and I don't think I am getting any of them based on the fact that the presents under the tree don't match up and he would have had to order all of these...but maybe I'll be suprised...

Kindle: Yes Please

Toms: Silver?

 Or Glittery?
I am so excited for Christmas! This is our first married Christmas, and I can't wait to see Anthony's face when he opens his presents. I think he'll be happy.

Working in retail during the holidays is crazy and so are the customers. No offense. I am happy to have a job and I need to remind myself this everyday. The mall is so busy. I have to park a mile away. We are open earlier and later so I get even less sleep than usual. But I try to remember the meaning of Christmas and what it's about. I am going to finish decorating this week and maybe post a few pictures.

Oh! I almost forgot! I'm going to the Zoo Lights tonight with Aimee and her girls! Never been before, but excited to do something Christmas-y.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Day 23: What I crave...

I definitely have a sweet tooth. I got this from my mom (she eats chocolate syrup by the spoonful).

Pepsi is my favorite drink. I do enjoy a good Dr. Pepper also, but Pepsi is my drink of choice. In fact I'd like one right now.

 I love Laffy Taffy. The big ones though. I get cravings for the watermelon kind (you know the ones with the seeds).

When I'm craving chocolate I want it with peanut butter. MMM.

Sour Punch Straws are my all time favorite candy.
The blue raspberry and the watermelon are the best.
Really I'd like one of these right now.