Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Skipping Day 13 onto Day 14

Since I have already introduced you to most of my family already here are some other photos I haven't shown before.

So here our my parents. I think I look like the both of them, but the only thing I got from my dad according to my mom is my freckles, long toes and bad teeth. Haha! Oh and my sense of humor.

 Here our my brothers and I. Matthew and Garrett. We our all cookie cutters of each other. When Garrett and I were growing up people thought we were twins.

And here is the rest of my extended family. I come from a really small family.
Starting from the left: Grandma Bev and Grandpa Dan, Alisha, Aunt Wendy, Matthew, Anthony, Me, Aunt Vicki, Garrett, Mom, Dad, Uncle Chris, Grandpa Jerry, Aunt Jan and Uncle Brent.

Well I hope these posts aren't getting redundant. Need something a little more entertaining.

Day 15 is tomorrow

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