Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Taking a Break: Christmas Cards!

Anthony and I have been talking lately whether we should send out Christmas cards or not. Being newlyweds we weren't really sure how people would receive them. Anthony insisted that the pictures (if we included any) had to be Christmas-y, and I said it didn't matter. I agreed though that because it was just the two of us and they weren't Christmas-y they would just look like an engagement picture. So now we have it all planned out how were going to take our pictures. We are going to do it ourselves because we didn't want to spend the money and we wanted it to be casual and fun. I'm not going to say what we are doing cause that is a suprise!

Now on to the actual Christmas card. We weren't sure what to do. I had thought about making them, but with finals and working extra hours for the holidays I wasn't sure I would have time. My mom just sends out premade ones with the pictures inserted inside, and then there is the digital version. I was surfing the web the other day and I came upon this website: Shutterfly. I love all of their cards and they have by far the most reasonable prices and the best looking cards. I wanted something modern and fun.

These are my favorites:

I love this one with the three pictures it would be awesome for our picture idea!

Love the cute plaid!

I love design and the colors on this one!

Obviously with all the cute ideas out there especially on Shutterfly Anthony and I decided together that we would go ahead and send Christmas cards out. We don't get to see our extended family very often because they are all spread out, Christmas cards are just a nice little reminder to friends and family that you are thinking of them during the holidays and it makes you feel closer even if you're far apart.

So what are you doing for your Christmas cards this year?

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