Monday, November 1, 2010

Day 6: My Favorite Super-Hero & Why?

Ok, so I am late with posting, but I think instead of doing two posts today I will be a day behind. It is too hard for me to post on Sunday. It is the only day I get all day with my hubby so I don't like to play on the computer too much.

Onto my favorite super-hero. This one was kinda hard for me, I grew up with two brothers who loved super-heros and we had every video, toy and whatever they had, but for me I never became attached to any one super-hero.

As I was thinking about it though I thought of this:

And this:

Do you remember these girls? Totally Spies and Powerpuff Girls? I loved watching them on Cartoon Network (even my brothers got in on it). I liked that there was still a sense of being a girl AND being a super-hero. So that is why they were and are my favorite super-heroes. I think society sometimes makes it seem that if your a girl and super-feminine that you're weak. Does that make sense? Anyways these super-heroes prove that you can be feminine and strong. Although if I remember right it seems like one of the Totally Spies was really dumb!? I think the blonde one?

Tomorrow I will start with Day 6! (Or maybe tonight)

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