Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Day 21: A picture of something that makes me happy!

With Thanksgiving coming up I thought I would change this up a bit and post some pictures of things I am grateful for.

There are the obvious ones that I am grateful for everyday whether it's Thanksgiving or not.
  • I am grateful for Anthony and I's jobs. While it never seems like we have enough money I know that we are better off than most and I try to remind myself that everyday.
  • I am grateful for our two working cars. Even though the Geo isn't half as pretty or as fun to drive as the Mazda. They both work and we can afford them.
  • I am grateful for OUR tiny apartment. It is so much different when you get to call a place yours. It makes cleaning so much more rewarding even if it is just a little place.
  • I am grateful for friends and family. I see my family a lot and it makes it easier to not see Anthony when he is at work. I don't feel lonely. I am also grateful for friends who make the hard times fun!
  • And most of all my hubby. Anthony is really great. He never complains and he makes me so happy. He does anything I ask of him without hestitation. I miss him a lot, but that makes me more grateful for the time we do have together.
Now onto the little things I am grateful for that have been making my life a little easier this past month:

Make working in retail bearable through the holidays.

They make not having television ok.
I still get to watch all my Brothers & Sisters, Glee, Grey's Anatomy, Modern Family and Parenthood.

I look forward to Wednesdays because of this
Since I watch it on Hulu I have to wait til the next day for it to be posted on their website.

Hot Chocolate:
Awesome. New morning drive to work ritual.

Nail Polish:
Always have to have the toes and usually the fingers painted.
Can't ever have enough colors.

This juice is awesome
You should try it.

Warm Blankets:
Anthony likes to turn the heater off while we sleep so we have a bunch of blankets on our bed right now. They make snuggling more fun.

Thats it for today!

I have lots of homework and finals are coming soon.

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