Monday, January 17, 2011

Just an Update!

I haven't posted for awhile because I have been so busy. Every spare minute seems to be already taken. I literally have to pencil in my whole life, at least on the week days, otherwise I don't get my homework done in time and have no time for anything else.

I started school a couple of weeks. I am taking 11 credits because 12 credits was too expensive.
I am taking:
Academic Writing for English Majors T & Th
Math 1010 (AGAIN) MWF
Contemporary Approaches to Literature M & W
English Scholarly Forum WIGATI (Whenever I get around to it)

I go to school at 7:30 in the morning and then I got to work til 5 and then I go back to school til 7. It makes for a really really long day, and not much time to do homework, hang out with friends or SLEEP!

But just in case you haven't heard I have exciting news:

Anthony got transferred to the DAY SHIFT

That means that he works 7:00-3:30 which also means that we actually get to have dinner together every night. I wonder what that is like? He suprised me with the news on Friday. He didn't even tell me that he asked to be transferred. I am so excited and he is just really tired. :] But we will get into the swing of things soon enough.

My house is messy. I hardly have time to do laundry so it just sits in clean piles. AGH. I swore I wouldn't do this to myself, but here I am. Anthony is a great help, but I am OCD about how the towels are folded so I do it. Also he forgets to take the lint off that thing and he thinks "its no big deal." Its totally a big deal to me so I just do it.


Thats our life.

Its as boring as ever, but we love it.

Monday, January 3, 2011

In Hopes of Making 2011 Better!

I have mentioned before that I am a list maker. I like to have goals, but they have to be readily available for me to see them or I will forget them. So I make resolutions every year, but they seem to fall by the wayside before January is even over, but this year is going to be different!

I'm going to take better care of ME this year [and hopefully that means Anthony will follow in my footsteps]
I'm going to eat better [not going on a diet].
I'm going to get in shape.
I'm going to sleep more.
I'm going to organize my life more.
I'm going to save money.
I'm going to go to church more.
I'm going to love myself more.

I have thought a lot about this and I feel that it will benefit me a lot. I live a very stressful life, but its mostly my fault because I take too much on. I agree to do things for people when I know very well I don't have time. This year is going to be about ME [and Anthony] because who knows what 2012 will bring. We know 2011 wont bring a baby but maybe next year might so I gotta figure myself out before I start bringing someone else into this life.

Yep, thats a long list. It's going to start tonight. With yoga. Mmmm.

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Anthony gets his hair cut about every four months. He gets it cut really short and then lets it grow out. I personally like it a little longer because I like it when you can see its curl. Well we decided that we should just buy a hair cutting kit and I would start cutting Anthony's hair. I am not pretending at all that I know the slightest in cutting hair, but Anthony's seemed easy enough because he gets the same length all over. So I went about cutting his hair and it was fine until I got to trimming the back. I was laughing so hard because I kept going further and further in and the sides weren't even. Anthony wasn't mad he was laughing as hard as I was. When we couldn't get the sides even Anthony decided he just wanted to go short. I took one swipe down the middle of his head and said OOPS. It was soooo short. I started laughing and so did he. So here are the results.

This was taken last night


The rest of Anthony's hair.