Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Getting Back on Track with Day 22

What makes me different from anyone else? This is sort of a weird question for me because I don't really feel like I know the answer. I think maybe Anthony has a better answer to this because when I don't want to people to think I'm bragging about myself. Anyways here it goes:
I am stubborn and sensitive all-in-one. I think that I am pretty good at pretending things don't hurt my feelings until I have a had enough and then I break down. I think that it comes from being the oldest and the only girl. Not sure though.

I am quite the fashionista if I do say so myself :]. This definitely drives Anthony bonkers. I make him switch from his brown to black shoes according to his shirt. He apparently doesn't look (or care) when putting on his shoes. I also keep up on the latest fashion trends. It is a little hard though because Utah fashion is a lot different and a little behind. I also keep by family, mainly my mom and my little brothers looking fresh. Dad, well he is another story (haha hope you're reading this). I trim my little bro's eyebrows for him at first it was annoying and now he asks for it when I go over. I am slowly but surely creating an army.

My fashionista also is mixed with a little perfectionist/OCD. This I also blame on being the firstborn. I like rules and things to be clear cut. Please pray for me that when I have kids I do not go crazy because they do not adhere to my fashion policies. (Dad I hope you're laughing).

I am small in size but I believe the my personality and attitude carries a much larger presence.

I am also crazy. But for sure the good kind. :]

I think I am the perfect mix of girlie and tomboy. My dad taught me how to shoot a gun when I was like 7? I caught my first fish when I was like 2? I'm pretty sure they took me camping when I was like 6mos. old. I used to be a better shot than my brothers, but its been awhile and they have a lot more practice than me. I still like to go camping, but not as much as I used too. Once we can have our own trailer I will like it more again. (See above for proof that I'm girlie). It wont end either cause I pretty much married the younger version of my dad so I have signed up for a lifetime of eating deer, elk and trout. As well as the endless need to always have the latest and greatest gun, gear, and four wheeler. It's ok cause I'm pretty sure I knew what I was getting myself into.

Well thats it for Day 22

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