Thursday, November 4, 2010

Day 9

Something I'm proud of!

So this is a little cheesy and probably not what was intended for this post, but I am dang proud of it and I boast about it to everyone (ha well not everyone, but everyone who I think would appreciate it). So here it is:

I have always loved owls. Even before they became popular. I had seen a lot of owl pillow thing floating around in the blog world and thought that I could make that. Now let me just say that I can sew, but I really don't like too. I am really impatient and the fact that you have to make a pattern and sew things a certain way drives me crazy. So I don't sew very often especially anything that requires a pattern.

 I knew I wanted to make this so I took a picture of an owl I liked the shape of and free-handed it on some cardstock and then traced it onto felt. I created different pieces and made layers. I glued them together rather than sewing because that would create more room for error. I did embroider the eyes to add some dimension. I am going to sew/glue (can't decide) onto the fabric shown in the background and turn it into a pillow for my couch. I am also thinking about embroidering "hoo loves you" on the bottom. But I probably wont cause it will probably ruin it so. I hope to finish it soon, but I have sort of felt "uncrafty" this week. So, maybe next week. I still need to buy some filling for the pillow.

I am just really proud of it because it turned out exactly the way I wanted it to and I worked hard on it. Anthony was also really shocked at how good it turned out. I am slowly getting him obsessed with owls, everytime we go somewhere where they have something with owls he points it out to me.

So there you go, the latest and greatest from me!

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