Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cheating on Day 16-Sorta

Today, is supposed to be another picture of me, but that sounds totally boring so I thought I'd put another picture up.

Anthony and I went to Color Me Mine for the first time last weekend with some friends for a birthday party. It is a little expensive, but if you go after 6 on Saturday studio fees are half price. You also have to pay for the ceramic that you are going to paint. Anthony and I decided that we should paint something we would actually use rather than some kind of figurine even though it was a little more expensive. These plates were about $10 a piece. Obviously more than you would pay for at the store, but it comes with the memory too :]. We decided to paint a plate for each other. I started out with an awesome idea, but messed up so I had to improvise. Anthony's is awesome, its the owl one. He painted something that he knew I would love. I feel bad that mine isn't centered on Anthony. I think I will go back by myself and make another to suprise him.

Well thats it for today folks!

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