Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Welcome to Day 2

What is the meaning behind the name of your blog?

Anthony and Christene

It's pretty obvious isn't it? I thought a long time about what I wanted to name my blog and I really tried to think of something catchy and creative. I decided that this simply was just a blog (journal) about Anthony and I even though I am the only one that writes, and it was something that would apply for a long time. So, I would still be able to use this blog when we have kids or whatever.

Wow. I hope I didn't bore the heck out of everyone who read this post. If anyone read it at all. Ha.

Anyways to livin' this post up a bit, I thought I'd share some pics of Anthony and I that you may not have seen before (on Facebook).

I miss me some dark brown hair! I think I look better with darker hair, but for now I can't afford the every six week treatment, so we will stay blond(ish).

I love me some Harry Potter, and I get Anthony to go with me to the midnight showings. He says he's not that into it, but he wore that shirt without any arguement. :] I feel like I have pooch ony my stomach. Ick.

Sidenote: My hairstylist convinced me to get a perm. Ugh. I have semi-curly hair so it wasn't too different, just a lot harder to do my hair straight. Also my hair is an ugly bronze color because I was transitioning from being a brunette to be a blonde for my hubby.

This pciture was taken Christmas Day 2009.
I finally had the length and color I wanted for our wedding and it was actually healthy!

Hope you enjoyed, even though it was sort of a transgression of my hair! Ha. Hopefully Day 3 of this thing will be more interesting otherwise I may bore myself out of it!

See Ya Tomorrow!

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