Thursday, October 21, 2010

An Adventure with Aimee & Clarice

So something you should all know and understand. I have a nickname and because of that nickname I met Aimee my best friend. She gave me the nickname and it stuck. Well I guess its only stuck between her and I and a few others, but even her little kids thought that my real name was Clarice up until recently. It all started three years ago when Aimee first started working at the JC and there was another fellow employee who's REAL name is Clarice. It was announced on the overhead late one night and somehow it became histerical. We started quoting lines from the movie Hannibal. (Please don't ever watch that movie, I had nightmares for weeks.) We started saying "Hello Clarice" in our creepiest Hannibal voice and we would crack up laughing and Aimee would always say that I sounded just like him, (Which is also really creepy) and that is how my nickname stuck.

Aimee and I have been good friends ever since then. We are so much alike it's crazy. Sorta feed off each other and we get each other's jokes. We are crazy, but the good kind of crazy.

We recently went on an adventure to the B.o.B, Jason Derulo, Iyaz, and Auburn concert. Anywhere we go is an adventure, and this did not let us down. We had fun dancing to the music even though it was so loud we couldn't hear our screams, and we both lost our voices the next day and Aimee still hasn't got hers back yet.

This is us before the concert started.

We had pretty good seats off to the side. We could actually see their faces! B.o.B. really was the best, Magic is one of my favorite songs!

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