Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Greatest Show on Earth

Awhile ago Anthony and I got the chance to go to the circus, his work was able to get tickets at a discount price and we thought it would be fun to go. I had been to the Ringling Bros. circus before but had only seen a little because we were late. So I was super excited this time and so was Anthony.

I am so proud that I actually got a picture of Anthony and I together. I always forget my camera and even if I remember it I forget that I have it so we have no pictures together after our honeymoon.

They did everything you could ever imagine a circus would do, but apparently I only cared enough about the elephants because that is all I have pictures of I find them fascinating. Well maybe not the elephants themselves, but what their trainers can get them to do.
I have something of a sweet tooth and that is sorta why I like stuff like circus's, fairs, and carnivals. The main reason of coarse is the cotton candy. Holy smokes I love the stuff, and Anthony always lets me buy an extra bag so that I can have some at home too. So we went and got in line for our cotton candy, ready to buy two bags only to find out that ONE bag costs $10! That is way too much money, even for me. So Anthony bought me one bag, but on the plus side it comes with this awesome foam cowboy hat Anthony is wearing in the picture above. I felt silly paying that much for cotton candy, but Anthony insisted I get it and made me feel better by saying the hat was $5 so that means the cotton candy was only $5 really instead of ten. We had lots of fun and spent way too much money, but its ok when it only happens every once in awhile. Plus I actually have pictures and a blog post to document the memory! Ha. Maybe I am getting better.

I better get off now before Anthony gets home before he realizes that I played on the internet rather than folded laundry! Whoops.

Until Next Time, (There will be a next time)



  1. I'm so jealous! We wanted to take Beckham but couldnt get tickets. It was good to see you last night! It's been along time.

  2. That looks like fun, I have never been to a circus!


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