Tuesday, October 26, 2010

30 Day Challenge

There are lots of these things going around and I thought that I would do it. I hardly post because I don't have much to post about it seems so this might make it easier. There is something to post about every day and you can find the rules over at this blog, Kevin & Gillian. Mostly I don't want to write out all the rules for you.

Here it goes.

Day #1
A recent picture of yourself plus fifteen interesting facts about yourself...

This is me enjoying a delicious apple pie caramel apple from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. Anthony and I go there sometimes after dinner for dessert and buy two. One for now and one for later. They're sooo yummy.

1. I can shape my tounge to make a three-leaf clover
2. I have a very long name, Christene LaChell Edenfield. Even without my middle name, its quite long and it takes me forever to sign it. I should work on that. Oh... and I also have six E's in my name. Thats weird.
3.My favorite shows are: Parenthood, Modern Family, Glee, Grey's Anatomy and Project Runway.
4.I wore braces for pretty much all of my childhood... second grade to my sophmore year...not only did I have braces, I had headgear, chingear (yes there is such a thing), spurs, every kind of retainer and alot more.
5. I really loathe the snow. I had an "accident" two years ago and ever since then it freaks me out to drive in it.
6. I get annoyed pretty easily. It's something I'm trying to work on.
7. I am a way picky eater. I like a lot of things, but I am more concerned with the quality of the product. I only trust my parents, my best friend Aimee, grandparents and my husbands cooking. Other than that I analyze every part of the food.
8. I really want a dark blue Toyota Tacoma. I'm thinking graduation present. :]
9. I have had pretty much every color of hair, to brown, purple, blue, black, blonde. The only reason I am blonde now is because Anthony requested it for our wedding.
10. I always have to have painted fingernails.
11. I don't put lids on things after I open them. Drives the husband crazy.
12. I can't sleep unless I have a blanket tucked over my shoulder.
13. I sleep with my mouth open and often times wake up to dried drool over my face. :]
14. I'm a picker, I pick pick pick until I (or Anthony) bleed.
15. It really bugs me when people don't use correct punctuation or grammar in texts. (I'm an English Major).

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