Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Proposal

First off:
So I had no idea it was coming none at all. A couple weeks before hand we had gotten into a pretty big fight about the whole marriage thing and I thought for sure it wouldn't be for a couple more months. We were ok by this point and I really had finally just accepted the fact that we might wait longer than I thought. And seriously I was ok with this.
So here is my story . . .
So it was my birthday. And a couple days before I had already gotten my birthday present which was a Cricut (a scrapbook thing). I got it early because he accidently told me what it was so I just opened it that day. Anyways my actual birthday was on a Sunday and Anthony told me he had originally planned for me to go on a scavenger hunt to get my present but he still wanted me to do it because he had already done the work for it. Still had no idea.

Here is me with my cricut. Sadly I have no photos of the actual proposal. Mostly cause I didn't know it was going to be a proposal and Anthony forgot because he was so nervous.

So I made my best friend Shayla come with me to do the scavenger hunt. To further prove I had no idea we were even talking about moving out together and I even said that Anthony and I probably wont get engaged til Christmas.
So the scavenger hunt Anthony made for me was really clever. So he had set up his GPS and I had to enter certain clue words into it and then it would lead me to my next destination. He sent me all over Spanish Fork and Mapleton. His last stop was at his Grandma Edenfield's house and there was this very large box covered in red fabric (he made it himself). Shayla handed me a string and told me to pull. At this point I was a little nervous. I was afraid he was going to scare me or something so I stood far away and pulled the string. He ran over to me and got down on one knee and said "Christene LaChell Choate will you marry me?" To be honest I was still in shock. Really. I remember thinking is this real? He better not be kidding. Haha. I was too shocked to have any real emotion at first. I didn't cry or anything. Which suprised me. Anyways. . . it was real and of coarse I said yes. A few moments later I asked him if he had asked my parents. I figured I would know because they would act weird or something, but nope. It was a complete suprise and so was the ring. He designed it himself. But I'll add that to tomorrow's post.

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