Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Ring(s)

As I said before Anthony designed my ring. We did go look for rings together, but none of the ones that I tried on looked like this. I tried on a ring at Sierra West in Orem and I fell in love with it, I wanted it so bad. One problem it was around $6,500. I shouldn't have even tried it on. So we decided we weren't going to look anymore and that Anthony would just pick it out. He knew that I wanted a round stone in the center with diamonds on both sides. So that's what he got me :]. I love that my ring is totally unique, I definitely wouldn't have picked it myself but it makes it more special that Anthony picked it out for me. My favorite part about the ring is the setting. I am not sure what it is called but instead of four prongs it sorta has a large round prong on either side. I also really like that is platinum. Its so shiny! Especially when it is clean! Soon I will be getting a wedding band with the diamonds in it because I love me some bling (and I want one on both sides) but for now I just have a plain one and that is ok.

I don't have a picture of Anthony's ring. His is 11mm wide. Which is my favorite part about it. He has big hands so he needs a big ring. His ring is made out of sterling silver with two bands of titanium going around it. Only problem is that its sorta too big, and you can't size. So eventually we are going to have one made that looks exactly like it that is in his size.

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