Saturday, May 28, 2011

How it all happened. . .

It really is a long and complicated story:

So my best friend at the time was working at Albertson's and so was Anthony. Her and another friend decided to play a little prank on him by decorating his car and leaving him an anonymous note with me phone number. He hadn't ever met me before so he didn't recognize my name or the phone number. They didn't even tell me about it until it was too late. He had already called me and pretty much ruined their prank because I didn't know what was going on. Later that week we were finally introduced in person I had to have been 14 at the time. Later that week we all hung out and he bought me a lemonade.

I don't remember the next time we hung out. In fact it might have been at my 15th birthday party at Seven Peaks. Our relationship at this point was extremely casual. In fact he and my best friend sorta had a "thing" going at the time. We all got a long really well and had a lot of fun together. Fast forward about 6 mos. Anthony had gotten another job and a new girlfriend. So we didn't hang out anymore.

Fast forward another 6 mos. Anthony had broken up or whatever with said girlfriend. So hence we all became friends again. Although this time it was weird. Things were off kilter so to speak. I wasn't as good of friends with my best friend anymore and I started to become really good friends with Anthony. She became really jealous and started being really mean. So that friendship sorta fizzled out. It was a little more dramatic than that but I'd rather not get into it.

For about 8 mos. Anthony and I were really good friends. Both having feelings for eachother but not wanting to get too close because he was about to leave on a mission. For about 2 mos we stopped trying and became really close. We talked about me "waiting" for him or whatever and agreed that it would be best if we continued to write and but didn't make any promises since I was still a junior in highschool. He didn't want me missing out on stuff because I had him.

So that's how we met and came to be. I told you it was a long story. I really like though that Anthony has been a part of my life for such a long time and that we started out as friends. I am not really sure where the point of being and friend turned into something more. It sorta just happened.

This is isn't our very first picture together. I have no idea where those went. But this is the first picture we took together after he came home frome his mission. Look at my black curly hair! I miss it.
So there you go.

Next is Number 2: How I knew he was the one?

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