Monday, September 19, 2011

The Plan for the Week

I bought this around Christmas last year. We used it a lot when we worked opposite schedules so we could keep track of who was going to do what, and it made us more accountable for the cleanliness of the house. We have sort of gotten off track during the summer with cleaning the house regularly, so Anthony pulled this thing out. Were going to try and use it more often. Anthony will be gone this weekend, so we wanted to make sure the house will be clean before he leaves. We even wrote down what we are going to do today. I told Anthony it makes you feel more productive when you can actually cross something off the list.

The Plan for the Week: Breakdown.
Anthony: Dishes. Donate Plasma.
Christene: Make Dinner. Fold Whites. Hang Blacks. (that sounds racist). Homework

Anthony: Repelling. Mop and Sweep Kitchen Floor
Christene: School. Pick up Shoes. Pick up Bedroom

Anthony: Donate Plasma. Pick up Living Room. Pick up Craft Room.
Christene: Vacuum. Wash Sheets. Put out Fall Decorations. Homework.

Anthony: Get stuff ready for camping trip
Christene: School. Work.

Anthony: Get ready for camping trip
Christene: PARTY :]

Geez. I hope we do something fun before he goes. This list sounds really boring. But it has to be done!

What are your plans this week? I hope they are more fun than ours.

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