Thursday, September 15, 2011

ABC's of Anthony and Christene

A. Age: C-21 A-24
B. Bed Size: Queen (We're currently still sleeping in the same bed :])
C. Chore You Hate: C-Putting away Laundry & Dishes A: Folding Laundry & Doing Dishes (Guess what two things don't get done very often in our house)
D. Dogs: C- I want a Great Dane or Siberian Husky A-Boston Terrier
E. Essential Start to Day: C- Laying around for five or ten minutes. I need a minute to get myself motivated. A- Avoid getting out of bed for as long as possible (not really a morning person).
F. Favorite Color: C- Royal Blue A-Dark Blue
G. Gold or Silver: I'd say were both for silver or white gold, but I do love gold I just don't know how to wear it with my wedding ring.
H. Height: C- 5'2" A 6'2"
I. Instruments You Play: C- Once played the clarinet in 6th grade. A- Can play a few songs on the guitar. I want him to learn more so he can play lullabies for our future kiddos.
J. Jobs: C- Children's Dept. Supervisor at JCPenney. A- Press Operator at USSynthetic.
K. Kids: None yet. Probably not for awhile. Who knows. All we know is not now.
L. Live: Springville, UT
M. Middle Name: C- LaChell A- Lamar
N. Nicknames: C- Babe (Anthony calls me that) and Sister (by my parents). NO ONE calls me Chris or Christy or Chrissy. Its weird. No way am I any of those names. A- I call him Babe. I don't think his family has any nicknames for him...
O. Overnight Hospital Stays: C- When I was a wee little one (I have no idea what it was for) A- None (knock on wood).
P. Pet Peeves: C- When people don't use their blinker. When people smack when they chew. When people chew weird. When people leave their litter around. I could go on. A- When Christene leaves her straightener on. When Christene leaves cereal in the sink. When Christene drops something behind the washer. When Christene leaves a drink in the car and it leaks. When Christene starts collecting basically full water bottles on her night stand. When Christene picks my face.
Q. Quotes: C- "You is kind, you is special, you is important" - Aibileen Clark (The Help) A- We’re never satisfied when it comes to food. "You know what’d be good on this burger? A ham sandwich. Instead of a bun, let’s use two donuts. That way we can have it for breakfast. Look out McGriddle. Here comes the donut-ham-hamburger!" - Jim Gaffigan. I don't really think that is his all time favorite. But we listen to him all the time.
R: Righty or Lefty: C- Righty all the way A- Righty except for he shoots with his left because he has a hard time closing his left eye all the way. (This is true).
S. Siblings: C- Two little brothers, Garrett (19)& Matthew (13) A- Seven Siblings, Sally (25), Calvin (23), Daniel (20), Joe (17), David (13) and Jonie (10) I am not sure on all of Anthony's siblings ages. But I am sure I am close.
T. Time you wake up: C- 8:00 M-Sa(I really try to get up around 7:30, but since I don't really need to I usually don't) A- 6:30 M-F (He seriously gets up 15 minutes before he has to leave the house). If we don't have to wake up to an alarm we sleep in as long as possible. So usually 11:00!
U. University Attended: C- Currently attending Utah Valley University A- Hasn't gotten there yet.
V. Vegetable you hate: C-Beans. I really like any vegetable as long as it didn't come from a can. A- Peppers.
W. What makes you run late: C- Trying to find something to wear. Taking too long to get ready. A- Sleeping in past his alarm or forgetting to set it.
X. X-rays you've had: C- Teeth and Lungs (Pneumonia) A- Teeth, Elbow, Shoulder.
Y. Yummy Foods: C- Home grown tomatoes, steak, corn on cob, sanpete chicken. A- Beans (mainly bean burritos), steak. Its hard to say what Anthony's favorite foods are because he really will eat anything. Except for peppers.
Z. Zoo Animals: C- Zebras and Elephants. Anything Baby. A- I don't know.

Now you know everything you never wanted to know about Anthony and I!

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