Saturday, April 2, 2011

Yay! For a Good Husband!

I was having a really sort of crappy day the other day. You know those ones where you just feel like laying in bed all day and you feel really sorry for yourself? No? Well thats how I was feeling. I didn't have to work so essentially I could have laid around all day, but I needed to get some homework done. Although I didn't get much done feeling the way I felt. I was texting Anthony while he was at work telling him about my crappy day.

Now let me tell you something, Anthony is not really romantic. He never really has been. He is pretty good at expressing his feelings through writing, but even then I have to ask for a letter of some sort. I am alright with this. He seems to know when I need him to be a little bit more romantic.

So back to me saying I was telling Anthony about how my day just felt crappy and he was being sweet and saying he would make it better when he got home from work. So I get home early from school and just wait for him (he was out giving his Grandma a blessing) and he gets home and gives me a kiss and hands me these:

I was so excited. He has NEVER gotten me flowers just because. Only for Valentine's Day and that is it. I am pretty sure his Grandma told him to bring them to me from her house because I don't think he bought them, but I don't care. I was so happy and it totally turned my day around. It is nice to know that I have a husband who cares about me and knows what to do to make me happy.

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