Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Anthony and I just got back from a much needed 8 day vacation in Vegas/Anaheim about a week and a half ago. I have never been to Disneyland and I have always wanted to go. I love rides and want to go fast, upside down, backwards whatever. I love it. Needless to say on this aspect Disneyland was a little disappointing. Their rides are more ecquipped for the whole family to enjoy, and where it was just Anthony and I, I didn't appreciate this as much. I shouldn't have gone their expecting to "love" the rides, it is more about the whole experience. I am definitely excited to bring my kids and see the joy in their faces upon meeting the various Disney characters. I still had fun and I am really grateful that Anthony took me there. He grew up going every year for quite sometime and has since grown sick of the place, but he was excited to take me and even more excited to someday take our kids.

Since then I got home and Sunday woke up feeling rather yucky. Had an awful cough and was super achy. Poor hubby didn't get any sleep either from all the coughing. Monday I was coughing so hard I was dry heaving. Awesome. I puked right into that garbage can underneath my desk at work. Never puked at work before. Something to cross of my list. :] Tuesday feeling also something yucky. Meanwhile still having to go to school get a somewhat decent grade on my midterm for Contemporary Approaches to Literature. Wednesday still coughing my lungs out with a high fever so the hubster took me to the doctor where we waited an hour to get an xray of my lungs. Srsly. Find out there is an inkling of pneumonia in my lungs so the doctor gets my some anitbiotics. Hooray for insurance and generic drugs. We only paid $10 for the cough syrup (that makes me sleep like a baby) and the anitbiotics for my lungs. As for the xray, well that bill will come later :].

So now I'm somewhat recovered from my sickness. Coughing sometimes, but only if I exert myself too much. I really need someone to do my homework for me. I have had this stupid research paper due in about a week and I have got like a paragraph written. Awesome. As for the midterm I turned in last week I got a B+ which is pretty darn fantastic if you ask me. On the downside I got a freaking 71% on my math test. Awesome. I only have to make it through like four more weeks, two more research papers and like four more response papers. May I have some inspiration. I hoping that writing in this blog will help me get the juices flowing since I have been in the same freaking spot for over an hour now.

Some highs and lows of life thus far:

I am excited to say that our house is clean. After being gone for over a week and then coming back to being sick we finally got our house under control. Now it just needs to stay that way cause I don't have time for it.

Today some lady asked me if I was prego at the doctor's office. I laughed. Nope. Nada. Definitely not. In fact I'm just about to get a refill on those birth control pills. I wasn't offended cause I know she wasn't regarding my waistline, but at least someone thinks I look old enough to have a baby.

My toes and my fingernails match. Painted them a lovely sparkly purple. Was hoping to go for a brighter color for spring, but I've got a meeting with the new store manager coming up and bright blue isn't very professional.

Today is my day off and I slept in. I shouldn't have because now I am going to have trouble going to sleep tonight. Will be taking some melatonin and maybe some sleepytime tea tonight.

I haven't bought any new clothes for a long time and I am starting to feel like my wardrobe is getting old. Maybe I can celebrate the end of a semester with a new shirt or something.

Anthony reserved our fishing boat for his birthday trip in June. I am so excited. Were going to Fish Lake. That place is really pretty and I am excited to go camping just the two of us even though I'd rather be in some 5 star hotel this is what the hubby wants so its what he gets. Also it will be the first time in a long time that I'll be staying in a tent instead of a trailer and no plumbing around. Wish me luck.

Last but not least Anthony and I are going to visit my Grandpa over Easter with my family. Easter was a really big deal to my Grandma and I remember spending lots of Easter's with her as a kid. We will have to sleep on the floor, but I don't care. I am just excited to see family. Everyone cross your fingers that my work lets me have the Saturday before Easter off!!!

Thanks for reading. I've got to pretend to write a paper now.


  1. your blog background is cute christene :) Glad you guys got to go on a vacation- but am sooo sorry you are so sick!


  2. Sounds like sickness aside, you guys are doing great! I'm so glad! I hope you get work off when you need, and that you get that paper done!


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