Sunday, January 2, 2011


Anthony gets his hair cut about every four months. He gets it cut really short and then lets it grow out. I personally like it a little longer because I like it when you can see its curl. Well we decided that we should just buy a hair cutting kit and I would start cutting Anthony's hair. I am not pretending at all that I know the slightest in cutting hair, but Anthony's seemed easy enough because he gets the same length all over. So I went about cutting his hair and it was fine until I got to trimming the back. I was laughing so hard because I kept going further and further in and the sides weren't even. Anthony wasn't mad he was laughing as hard as I was. When we couldn't get the sides even Anthony decided he just wanted to go short. I took one swipe down the middle of his head and said OOPS. It was soooo short. I started laughing and so did he. So here are the results.

This was taken last night


The rest of Anthony's hair.

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