Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Somethings You Should Know About Me:

You may want to know these things before you become my [best]friend:

I love candy.
I could basically just eat candy all day and be fine.
I love me some sour candy especially. 

I am weird.
Really I am totally weird.
One time the person pictured below and I walked around Macey's pretending to speak Chinese to eachother and then we sat in the car for a half an hour afterwords doing the same thing whilst eating a whole box of german chocolate little debbies and about half a bag of frooties. (She also loves candy)

I am a picky eater.
So if I don't eat your food please don't take it personally.
I remember having to sit at the table and having to eat all my peas before I could get down. I would sit there FOREVER, until I realized I could swallow peas whole with a glass of milk and never have to taste the darn things.

I am kind of messy.
Not totally discusting messy where you would be uncomfortable in my home.
I have the mindset to make the mess and then clean it up later instead of while I go.
There is also glitter, modge podge, hot glue, etc. everywhere during whatever project I am doing.
This is when I was organizing my craftroom.

I like Harry Potter.
And I know a lot of stuff about it.
(Us at the premier of Harry Potter & The Dealth Hollows)

I love Anthony.
Our time together is very precious so I probably will pick spending time with him over you.
(Is that a little harsh?)

I say what I am thinking.
When I am upset I will tell you.
And then I will walk away and take a chill pill and be better again.

I am definitely stubborn.
I like to be right.
And I like it to be perfect.

I am a needy friend.
Since Anthony and I don't get a lot of time together I rely heavily on my friends.
I am a good friend
and if you aren't a good friend it will hurt my feelings really bad.
Because I'm sensitive.


  1. haha love your list. I'm a needy friend too!! totally needy... but like you said, I would pick my husband over friends too ;)

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