Monday, December 20, 2010

It's Finally Starting to Look Like Christmas

I have been super busy with work and finals so I haven't had much time to devote to Christmas decorating. Which is really sad for me and happy for Anthony. Although I am working all this week (including Christmas Eve. Tear) I am making time to clean the house up for a fun Christmas Eve-Day with the hubby and family. This is what I have done so far. Which isn't a lot.

The banner I made myself my sewing paper penants together...
Framed Christmas paper totally cheap way to add something...
Put the rest of our Christmas ornaments in a glass vase...
Sequin tree from Tai Pan and wishing I bought more...
The EDENFIELD picture. Bright and colorful. Had other plans to fill the space, but it probably wont get done the way things are looking.

And now you're wondering where the heck a picture of the tree is? Oh and what about those stockings? Well I took a picture and realized that no amount of editing will make that look good. So that will be next time. My wreath...haha. Maybe I'll get it done in time to use it. Maybe not.

Anyways have you heard of the offer from CanvasPeople? Well they are giving one free 8x10" canvas! Heck ya! I am all over that. It was only $9.99 to upgrade to a 11x14" but with a $17.95 price tag I just couldn't bring myself to do it.

It took me forever to choose what picture I wanted. Because they are canvases and are wrapped around the edges you loose some of your picture so it took me FOREVER to find one that didn't cut a lot out and one that I liked. I finally picked one. Really if there is someone behind the screen or at CanvasPeople having to deal with me I am so so sorry. I am even doubting my selection now... Gah. I hate this. Seriously I am still choosing my photo right now. I settled on one thinking it was a for sure thing and it wasn't.

So just a few tips if you are ordering a small canvas:
Pick one where everything you want in the picture is right in the center. The end.

You can go HERE to get your free canvas.

I ordered an 8x10 and with shipping had to pay 14.95.

That still seems like a lot, but canvases are expensive. I think for an 8x10 it would have been $49.99!

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