Monday, April 12, 2010

Home Sweet Home

We finally got to hanging some of our stuff up, and our apartment is starting to feel like home. I wish we could hang up more stuff but our cinderblock walls are preventing that. We tried using those Command Strips that you can put on your wall without making a hole. Anthony and I have woke up a few times to pictures and stuff falling on the ground.
Here our a few pics of our apartment:

Our Bedroom:

Our Bathroom:
This is above our sink.
Our Kitchen:
I just made this decoration for the kitchen.
Our Front Door:
I used like ten spools of ribbon to make this wreath.
Anthony thinks its crazy, but I love it.

Our Front Room:
This is my pride and joy.
I really like to decorate and craft, Anthony calls it me being "crazy," but I can't help it. One of the plus' of working at JCPenney and working in the Window Coverings Dept. I can get great deals on curtains. I paid $1 a peice for every panel/rod in my apartment, and they are great curtains. I also know how to get great deals on things, but that also means I spend more money. For example those pillows on my couch. I spend $50 dollars (really I only spent $10 because I had a $40 gift card from our wedding) on five decortative pillows and two sleeping pillows. Sounds like a lot huh, but I ended up saving over $112.
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  1. Very cute! Brings back memories of our first apartment or two! Good times! Enjoy every minute!

  2. Very cute decorating! And good job on the saving money! That is fantastic! Love the red curtains!


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