Saturday, February 27, 2010

Long Day, Long Post.

So today was absolutely crazy. It started off with waking up early to get my hair done for my bridal pictures, I really love my hair style that I chose but it comes with a cost. It is so painful, I have a headache after ten minutes, not to mention I am wearing a diamond headband thing that also adds to my discomfort. Now back to my story: We were supposed to meet my photographer, Emily at 9:30 in Santaquin, but we didn't even leave my house til then. So we were late and ended up having to meet Emily in Eureka where we would be taking my bridal pictures. When we got to Eureka at about 10am we couldn't find Emily, we thought that maybe she had given up on waiting for us and left and I was already in a bad mood because we were late. No worries though, we found Emily! So the picture taking began. I like to get my pictures taken, but it is a little uncomfortable. She kept saying act natural, but I don't know what natural is apparently. Not to mention everyone who lived in Eureka seemed to drive by. I got whistled, honked and hollered at by all types of people. It made for an interesting photoshoot to say the least and it came in handy when Emily would say "now give me a giggle." I will post some of my bridal pictures when I get them in a week or two, but for now I will put some pics of Eureka Main Street where the picture taking took place. Oh, and don't even worry about there still being lots of snow in Eureka. Not only was I freezing, but my dress needs a major cleaning!

So the next part of my day was my bridal shower, hosted by my best friend and maid of honor Shayla. I was also late for this. I am such a punctual person and I hate to be late especially when people are waiting for me. Luckily my mom seemed to get the picture and we booked it on the highway and I was only ten minutes late, but so was everyone else. That was fun and cheesy as bridal showers always are. We played a few games, I told Shayla that I refuse to play the game where they ask questions about the groom and if you get them wrong you have to eat a marshmallow or gum. I hate that game, and honestly I was afraid I wouldn't know the answers. So we played some pretty harmless games and ate some good food. I got some great gifts, mostly kitchen items but thats mostly what we need.

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